Past Studies

Selection of studies using the MDAT (ongoing and completed)

The tool has been well adopted. To date the 2010 publication has achieved 80 citations (Scopus) and 45,306 full text view (PlumX Metrics).

PBI, Kenya (2018)

Pre-term birth initiative investigating developmental outcomes of pre-term babies (6,12,18 months) born in neonatal units in Kenya. 

EN-SMILING, Bangladesh, Nepal & Tanzania (2017)

Long term follow up of 20,000 children to promote early identification of adverse developmental outcomes. This will compare the use of the MDAT, IYCD (parent report questionnaire) and the CREDI along with the Bayley III. 

SHINE, Zimbabwe (2016)

Trial investigating single and combined effects of WASH and Nutrition on early child development at 2 years of age in 1,600 children. This trial finished in 2016. The MDAT identified differences between children with and without HIV exposure in utero but only identified very small differences between children with and without the WASH and nutrition interventions. 

Sugira Muryango, Rwanda (2017)

Evaluating effects of home-based parenting intervention on child development. This trial is still underway.

CHAIN, Pakistan, Uganda, Malawi (2016-2018)

Investigating developmental outcomes of children with severe acute malnutrition vs those with moderate malnutrition and community cohorts. This trial is still underway but some results have been presented at the Paediatric Academy of Science. 

Blantyre Malaria Project, Malawi (2010)

The MDAT has been used for many years in assessing children with retinopathy‐positive cerebral malaria (CM) for neurocognitive sequelae, as well as for those children with encephalitis and has demonstrated significant developmental delay in children with these conditions. 

Examples of previous studies using the MDAT:


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